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The College Club met at the home of Pat Gade on March 3,2014 with 8 members presentThey welcomed a new member, Karen Bradway. Roll call was answered to the question "What is the nationality of nationalities of your ancestors?"  Dues for the new college club year were collected and we were asked to think about our day trip this
. The program was presented by Pat Gade who talked about the Japanese-American interment during World War II. In February of 1942 110,000 people of  Japanese heritage were removed from the west coast and placed in camps. Sixty-two percent of these people were American citizens. Pat showed a documentary called "Children of the Camps" where people who were in camps as children described their
treatment and suffering. She also showed us locations of some of the camps. Her Aunt
Susan's siste
r and family were included in this re-location.


The next meeting will be April 7th at the home of Susan Drury and Mary Schmidt will have the program.

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