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Lost Nation Lion's Club for the year 2012

Lost Nation Lions Club Has New Home
     The Lost Nation Lions Club had their monthly meeting Saturday, March 16th at 7:00 A.M. with a continental breakfast @ the basement of the former library.  This will become the Lions new home permanently.  We would like to give a big THANK YOU to ALAN SMALL for the new location.
     Their were 10 members present, and also becoming new members were Sebastian and Cybil Meyer.  President Ihns presented them as new members.
     They were welcomed by everyone there.  The Lions would like to welcome anyone interested to become a new member to contact any of the members.
     The Lions Club is having their eye screening on Saturday the 23rd of March at the Library uptown in the morning.  Consent forms need to be signed.
Eye Screening a huge success
Lions Club Sponsors Blood Drive

    The Lost Nation Lions Club sponsored a blood drive Monday, August 26 at the Union Presbyterian Church.  Blood Drive Coordinator, Bonnie Fulmer, had a goal of 49 units of blood to be donated.  Blood donations drop 20% between Memorial Day and Labor Day each year, but the need for blood transfusions remains strong.  The Lions  next blood drive will be held in March, 2014.
Blood Drive Held

    The Lions sponsored a blood drive Thursday, March 21 at the Union Presbyterian Church.  The goal was to get  49 units of blood for the Mississippi Valley Regional Blood Center.
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